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March 3 2021
Good News Corner

Seville to Pilot Ambitious 'Orange Power' Recycling Initiative

The Spanish city of Seville has launched a renewable energy initiative using the oranges that fall from the trees to their streets.

Seville is famous for the bitter orange trees that brighten its city centre — but when the fruits fall to the cobblestones and rot, it can be a real eyesore for tourists and locals alike. Emasesa, a company that controls a huge share of the city's water and sewage systems, has developed an interesting solution to all of that waste — they want to turn the orange juice into electricity.

When fermented, the fructose from the bitter orange becomes very hot, and this is used to generate energy. Currently, one ton of oranges is capable of powering 5 homes. 

Beloved Surfboard Discovered 650km From Where it Went Missing

When the board of a surfer from Scarborough, UK, was swept out to sea on a cold winter afternoon, he had little hope that he'd ever see it again. A month later, it was discovered washed up on a beach in the Shetland islands — some 650km away! 

The young couple who found it took to Facebook to find its owner. A day later, they struck gold when the owner of the beloved 10-year-old board, Lee Brogan, got in touch. Although shocked that it was still intact after such a long spell at sea, Brogan was delighted to be reunited with his surfboard.

President Michael D Gets New Friend for Dog Bród

The death of Michael D's beautiful dog Síoda last September saddened the nation; she had regularly made an appearance at presidential events and in the president's own photos. After what we can only imagine were some very lonely months for his other Bernese Mountain Dog, Bród, the president has gotten a new puppy — a fluffy 5-month-old of the same breed! He has named the pup 'Misneach', the Irish word for 'courage.' We hope he or she makes a good friend for the adorable Bród 😊