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The Dowager House lies across from the Dominican Friary and was the summer home to Princess Mary and her husband Viscount Lascelles. Princess Mary was married to Viscount Lascelles, who had inherited Portumna Castle in Co Galway, as well as a fortune of £2 million from the last Marquess Clanricard. On one of their many visits to Portumna, the royal visitors stayed at Vice-Regal Lodge now known as Aras an Uachtaran as the guests of Mr McNeill, Governor-General of the Free State, and were given an armoured car to continue their journey to Co Galway. Republican protesters destroyed the stable block and garages of Portumna Castle and hospitality was organised by Mrs Bowes Daly (nee Vivian Lascelles) of Dunsandle House, Athenry. Undeterred on Sunday they attended a Harvest Thanksgiving service at Portumna Church and returned without incident to the UK. Below is a painting of Princess Mary by Sir Alfred Munnings who was recognised as one of England's finest painters of horses and an outspoken critic of Modernism.