Fota Wildlife Park

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For a walk on the wild side, there's nowhere finer than Fota Wildlife Park. A ten minute drive from Midleton will see you in the impressive surrounds of Fota Wildlife Park, as well as Fota House & Gardens, just next door. Whether you’re seeking outdoor activities for children in the summer, holiday camps for Easter or you simply want to take advantage of some sunny weekend weather, Fota Wildlife Park has a variety of activities for children and parents alike. Located on 100 acres, the park has an annual attendance of 440,000 visitors - so why not add to their numbers? Fota Wildlife Park’s vision is to inspire people to understand and conserve the biodiversity of our natural world. The Park’s core values of conservation, education, research and entertainment have ensured that we are uniquely placed to foster greater public understanding of the threats to plant and animal habitats and decreasing global biodiversity. So, whether meeting the King of Jungle in an African adventure, monkeying around, seeing stripes with the zebras, saying hello to the Indian Rhinoceroses, making friends with the meerkats or spending time with the Sumatran tigers, Fota Wildlife Park will truly show you the full Circle of Life in style.