Murphy's Ice Cream

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We have been making it naturally, locally and truthfully in Dingle since 2000. Good ice cream is about feeling good, and we want to make memorable flavours that put a smile on your face. Murphy's Sea Salt Ice Cream We don’t use colourings, flavourings, or powdered milk - we prefer the real thing - and that starts with fresh from the farm milk, lots of local cream, free range eggs, and organic sugar. Then we toast, simmer, bake, and extract real ingredients. We temper chocolate, infuse alcohol, and scrape vanilla beans by hand. We’re so fussy, we even make our own sea salt from Dingle sea water and distill Dingle rain to make our sorbets. We do all this to help make it (hopefully) the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted. Most of all, we make it to be enjoyed, shared & savoured... so have a Murphy's moment, and dig in.