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Menlo Castle is a 16th Century castle situated on the bank of the River Corrib in Co. Galway. It was built in 1569 and was home to the Blake family. The Blake family of Galway descend from Sir Richard Caddell, a swarthy and resourceful knight who came to prominence in the Anglo-Norman enclave of Galway during the late 12th century. Over the next 300 years the Blakes became one of Galway's most influential Catholic families. The Blakes were one of the richest families in Galway, as they owned extensive property in the counties of Mayo, Clare and Galway. The Blakes lived in Menlo Castle until 1910, when a fire destroyed the Castle along with killing Miss Ellen, daughter of the Baronet & Lady Blake along with two maids. Strangely, the body of Miss Ellen Blake was never found, believed to be cremated in the flames of the fire. It is believed in folklore that Menlo Castle is a magical place. One of the midwives of the Blake family told others in the household and people she new that one night while travelling to the Castle she heard fairy music and saw the fairies dancing in a fairy ring next to the Castle. The ruins of Menlo Castle still stand today, even though covered in Ivy. It lies just a couple of miles outside of the city and is a wonderfully scenic place. There is the old graveyard close by of the Blake family and locals of Menlo. You can view the Castle from the other side of the river if you are taking in the NUIG Nature walk on the Galway App.