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The poem 'UCG by Degrees' by Terry McDonagh was unveiled by Tom Kenny in 2017. Terry McDonagh is a poet, teacher and dramatist from County Mayo who has taught creative writing at the University of Hamburg and was Drama Director at the International School for thirteen years. Terry is the author of many collections of poetry and also published a book of letters, a short novel and a play. His poetry collection includes ‘The Road Out’ , ‘A World Without Stone’, ‘A Song For Joanna’, ‘CillAodain & Nowhere Else’ (illustrated by Sally McKenna) and a book of poetry for children titled ‘Boxes’. His work also encompasses his book of letters ‘Elbe Letters Go West’ and a short novel for young people ‘Ernst Klett Verlag, Stuttgart: One Summer in Ireland’ all published by Blaupause Books, Hamburg.