Galway City Museum

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Ranked the 11th most popular free tourist attraction in Ireland, Galway City Museum has three floors of exciting exhibitions engaging visitors in the archaeology, history and sea science of Galway. The attraction is one of Galway’s most popular cultural hotspots and welcomes over 200,000 visitors per year. The Museum has been a recipient of TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for five years running and the 2016 Expert’s Choice award, ranking it among the ‘highest rated attractions in Galway’. Most recently we were awarded Full Accreditation status from the Heritage Council’s Museum Standards Programme for Ireland – meeting 34 out of 34 wide ranging museum good practice standards. There's an interactive touchscreen 3D model of medieval Galway with buildings based on a pictorial map of Galway dating from around 1651. For history buffs you may notice that the 17th century is not the medieval period but architecturally speaking Galway is a medieval city and this map shows street layouts and buildings that would have been 400 years in the making. The model was created by Robyn Mason and her colleagues at real-time 3D simulation company RealSim and is on display in the Museum. It shows spots including the Church of St Nicholas, Lynch’s Castle and the Red Earl’s House.