Corrig the Nailer

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A report in the Galway Observer of November 28, 1942, stated: “The Nailer’s Forge, Dominick Street, known as the ‘World’s smallest factory’, is no more. It has been demolished by a Galway firm on the order of the County Manager C.I. O’Flynn acting on behalf of the Corporation. The manager made the following order: “Acting on the report of the Borough Surveyor Mr. J.S. Carroll to accept the tender of Messrs. R. MacDonald and Co. Galway, for the demolition of Michael Curran’s house – the old nail forge – at Dominick Street, Galway at £9. 7. 6d.” The forge was run by Michael Curran. It had been in his family for some 200 years. There was a small ladder leading upstairs to his living quarters. As the above report states, the building was condemned in 1942 and demolished. Mr Curran moved to ColmCille Road in Shantalla where he continued to manufacture nails for some time. He had the anvil set up in the garden and was known to his neighbours as “Tom the Nailoreen”. His two nephews were named Dalton and worked with him in the making of nails. The site was developed and some time later it was occupied by a man who used to charge dry battery radios, and after that it was a sweet shop for a while. The name Fallon appeared over the door for a time, and a Mr Jacob had an insurance agency there too. Later again, it was occupied by Aran Travel Agency and currently it is a barber’s shop.