Christopher Columbus Monument

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This monument, which was erected beside the Corrib river near the Spanish Arch in Galway city, was presented to Galway by the city of Genoa in 1992 to commemorate both the 500th anniversary of the voyage to the New World and the visit of Columbus to Galway in 1477. It is known that Colombus, frequented St Nicholas' Church While in Galway. In the margin of his copy of Imago Mundi, Columbus noted: Men of Cathay have come from the west. Of this we have seen many signs. And especially in Galway in Ireland, a man and a woman, of extraordinary appearance, have come to land on two tree trunks, or timbers? or a boat made of such? During his time in Galway Colombus met William Harris, otherwise known by his Portuguese name, Guillermo Herries. Herries, left Galway with Colombus and traveled to the new World with Colombus.