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Corrin cross stands on Corrin Hill, was built in 1933 to mark the 1,900th anniversary of the death of Jesus Christ. The hilltop hosts beautiful views of Fermoy. To climb Corrin there is a pleasant walk from Corrin Woods car park (following the signs for Fermoy Golf Club) to the cross. Surrounding the hilltop is an iron age hill fort aging from about 500BC - 400AD but most of its large stone enclosures are now hidden under a canopy of trees. Adjacent to the cross is a Bronze age stone burial ground which attracted the attention of an amateur archaeologist from Castleyons Rev. John Ryder who organised its excavation in the 1830’s. During this, workmen found two burial chambers containing pottery vessels. One was accidentally broken by them while the other survived undamaged. It contained cremated human remains and was taken to London where it got lost. When ascending the hill to Corrin cross walkers will notice the stations of the cross at each meander of the path. Keep an eye out for the Red Squirrel in the treetops and if you’re really lucky the odd wandering deer might cross your path.