Lusitania Memorial

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Memorial to the sinking of the Cunard Liner the Lusitania, that 7 May 1915 the vessel was torpedoed by the Germans close to the Old Head. There were 1,198 deaths from the 1,959 people aboard. The memorial depicts two fisherman who went to the rescue of the ill fated liner. Over them is the Angel of Peace. Many of the victims are buried at the Old Church Graveyard near Cobh town. Sculpted by Jerome Connor to commemorate those who lost their lives when the Lusitania sank 15km off the Old Head of Kinsale in 1915. Survivors and the bodies of those who died were brought here to Cobh, where a memorial service was held. A memorial glass headstone marks the graves of the 145 people who are buried in the Old Church Cemetery just outside the town.