The Kilty Stone

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We begin our historical walk of Clonakilty at the stone at Asna Square, known locally as the Kilty Stone. The stone has many tales associated with it. Its translation to the Irish language spells out the Irish name for Clonakilty, namely Cloch na gCoillte meaning the stone or castle of the woods. The element Clogh or Cloch usually referred to the stone castles of the Normans, the earthen ones of the native Irish were usually referred to as Caisleán, Lios, Dún and Ráth. The stone was placed here by the Urban Council in 1983 when this area was laid out as a plaza. Before that, it has had many homes. The stone stood outside the courthouse for many years and is reputed to have come from the castle of a local Norman family. In Bennet's history of 1869 the stone is referred to as follows: "It is stated that the stone from which the term Clough (Cloughnakilty) is derived, may still be seen at the side of the street opposite the courthouse and adjoining the entrance to the butter-market"