The Courthouse

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The Courthouse with Bridewell date from 1825 and were designed by the architect George Pain. It was described by Lewis in 1837 as follows: "The County Courthouse is a neat edifice of hewn stone, ornamented with a pediment and cornice, supported by two broad pillasters, between which is a handsome Venetian window. Connected with it is a bridewell and both were erected at the expense of the County". A bridewell is also recorded in 1819 in this street in what is now Ozanam Court. (Before and during that time petty sessions were also held in the Market House/Town Hall at Barrack St. under the Sovereign (or Mayor) who was also chief magistrate). Here in the county courthouse petty sessions were held every Thursday by the county magistrates and the general quarter sessions for the West Riding of the County were held here in July.