Templebryan Stone Circle

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Templebryan Stone Circle (also known as The Druid's Temple) is a stone circle, located 2.5 km (1.6 mi) north of Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland. Grid ref: W386 438. Close by lies an Early Christian site. The stone circle is a 9.5m wide axial stone circle. It consisted of nine large flat topped standing stones, of which five still survive. These include the axial-stone and one of the portal stones which is 210 cm high. A large block of quartz lying in the circle centre is known locally as Cloich Griene (sunstone). All four remaining standing stones (a fifth is almost down) are in the eastern half of the circle, including one that may be a portal stone. It is not known how many originally made up the circle, but in 1743 nine stones were still standing, although by 1837 only the five stones seen today remained. About 300m north-west is an enclosure containing graves, a square ruined oratory, a souterrain, a well (Tobernakilla), a bullaun, and a monolith 3.3m high with faint Ogham inscriptions. These were carved on the existing standing stone and may have had some connection with the stone circle. There is also a small cross pattee inscribed on the western side of this Bronze Age megalith. The single bullaun is known locally as the 'wart well' as it was believed to be a cure for warts.